Graduation season is here and seniors all over the Cowboy State are preparing to prank their schools. Here's a look back at some of Wyoming's best, and worst, senior class pranks.

In 2016, the seniors at Laramie High School pulled off an epic prank, offering to sell the school for $2 on Craigslist. In their hilarious description, the property featured "wi-fi in three rooms" and "asbestos that may fall from the ceiling at any time".

Six years earlier, the seniors at Sheridan High School staged a similar prank, posting "For Sale" signs around the building.

Perhaps no other Wyoming school has perfected the fine art of the senior prank quite like Evanston High School. The Class of 2008 devised an elaborate scheme with some help from the local Police Department. They crashed a replica of the principal's car into a pole, filmed his reaction and played the video at the school talent show.

Unfortunately for Evanston High administrators, the Class of 2010 kept the prank going.

And the following year, the Class of 2011 punked their principal again.

Sadly, some senior pranks have backfired. In 2016, an overnight custodian at Green River High School busted several seniors attempting to sneak into the school through a hatch on the roof. The students were barred from their graduation ceremony.

In 2011, two Gillette High School seniors weren't allowed to graduate after they were caught riding dirtbikes through the school.

In 1982, three seniors at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper were charged with grand larceny and animal cruelty after placing the body of a dead llama in front of the school.



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