Cheyenne has a solid selection of local restaurants in general, but where do you go when you want a night out on the town at the bars and also some good 'bar food'? The publication 'Eat This, Not That' has picked out exactly where to go for that in each state. And in Wyoming, that spot is located right in the heart of downtown Cheyenne.

As Memorial Day Weekend approaches and many will be grilling up their own steak, burgers, brats, wings, and more at their own discretion, if you're down for going out, you just might want to hit up the place with the 'best bar food' in Wyoming, and that is at the Accomplice Brewery.

I was certainly excited to see this given that this is one of my main go-to spots on the weekends. When you think about the Accomplice Brewery in downtown Cheyenne, you probably think of the beer first, but whatever you do, do NOT overlook some of the fantastic selections on their menu. Here's what 'Eat This, Not That' had to say about the spot with the 'best bar food' in Wyoming:

The Accomplice Brewery, which has two locations in Wyoming, is not only known for its refreshing craft beer but also for its tasty bar food menu, which features choices such as pretzels with beer cheese, crispy kettle chips, and chicken strips. However, one of the most talked-about dishes deviates away from typical bar food—perhaps surprisingly, it is a kale salad. This flavorful salad is made using kale pulled from the stalk, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and Champagne vinaigrette.

As they mentioned, they do have two locations in Wyoming with the other in downtown Laramie.

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But just as they mentioned, the pretzels with beer cheese is a go-to snack of mine which goes with any of their brews. Their kale salad is extremely underrated and is one of the tastiest salads throughout Cheyenne, and I dare say, all of Wyoming. I'm personally a big fan of the Black and Blue. They also added burgers in recent months and their burger can compete with anyone else's locally. Also, don't underestimate their wings. They're a big size and I'm partial towards the 'honey siracha' flavor. They're amazing! All that being said, they serve breakfast until 2:30 p.m. and EVERYTHING on their breakfast menu is amazing!

And oh yea, they have beer, and very good beer at that. While their brews might dominate the majority of the purchases on my bill there, the food there couldn't be more complementary. Check it out, after all, they do have the best bar food in Wyoming!

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