Do you have a favorite big boot somewhere around Cheyenne?

In 2004, a number of over-sized ceramic boots were painted by local artists depicting Cheyenne and Wyoming history and purchased for placement at locations around the Capitol City.

The ANB boot got a lot of attention on the corner of Capitol and 20th downtown, we'd see lots of groups with cameras taking photos with it out our windows on the third floor of the bank. It became scuffed up and was removed several months ago for a new paint job.

Now the boot is back in a new location, just south of their main 1912 Capitol Avenue entrance to ANB, near the new drive through lanes.

When you get up close to the eight-foot high boot, titled '8 Seconds To The Big Time,' you can see all the details of scenes of Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo action. On the back, by the large spur, the artist signature reads R Lampshire 2004 and 2013. That's Ross Lampshire's artwork.

My favorite boot stands in front of the Wyoming State Museum, at the Barrett Building on Central Avenue, and is decorated with a wide variety of real Wyoming license plates.

Where's your favorite giant cowboy boot?

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