Or... it might not. Speaking as someone with lots of family within the Natural Resources field, I'm mostly just surprised that it's still considered the fastest growing job, considering the downturns in the industry recently.

According to a recent study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with projections from a management partnership and the U.S. Labor Market unemployment rates, Wyoming can confidently say that jobs in Extraction are on the rise.

Extraction includes all types of mining, oil drilling, and natural gas extraction. Basically, anyone who takes something out of the earth and helps get it to the places it needs to go.


In the surrounding area, a shift is happening in Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa, with Wind Turbine Service Technitions taking the top spot. Idaho and Montana are focused more on business and art, with Exhibit Designer and Purchasing Manager growing the fastest, respectively.

One of the weirdest ones was Oregon, where Animal Trainer is the fastest-growing job. There's also Georgia, where "Costume Attendant," takes the highest spot.

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