Wyoming is a big place. We might have the smallest population, but when it comes to size, we have the 10th biggest territory of any state in the country. If you travel across its vast terrain, you might get a little dirty in one of these weird Wyoming landmarks.

1. Maggie's Nipples - The town of Maggie's Nipples does not exist. However, if you head to the hills near Baggs, Wyoming, on a clear day, you might be able to take a peek at Maggie's Nipples. Maggie's Nipples is a mountain peak named after the wife of George Baggs, who was a rancher in the area. According to local legend, Maggie Baggs was notorious for her unpleasant disposition and once drug a man through the center of town behind her horse.

2. The Morning Glory Hole - This natural hot spring is one of many located along the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. The pool was named after the morning glory flower, which is resembles with its colorful water. Over the years, earthquakes have cause to pool to erupt several times into a geyser.

3. Muddy Gap - Not far from Baggs, Wyoming, in Carbon County, lies the town of Muddy Gap. Named after the muddy creek that flows through a nearby gap, the unincorporated town has become a popular destination for mountain bike enthusiasts.

4. Scott's Bottom - This recreation area is located along the Green River in southwestern Wyoming, near the city of Green River. The site is home to several ATV trails, along with a fishing area, an archery range and a shooting range.

5. Pumpkin Butte - On the plains of northeastern Wyoming, not far from Gillette, there lies a butte overlooking the Powder River. The landmark was named by local native american tribes for the wild pumpkins that grew wild in the area. Its location on the old Bozeman trail made it a popular resting place for frontiersman.

Several of these places are mistakenly listed as towns on various websites. Of the five locations, only Muddy Gap is an actual town. And unfortunately, in spite of local legend, there is no record of a place called Frog Suck, Wyoming.