We all know that predicting the weather in Cheyenne for any given month is always pretty dicey.

It can snow almost any month of the year. Hail, tornadoes, 80-mile-per-hour winds, 95- degree heat, blizzards, and just about anything else other than--thankfully---hurricanes are all possibilities when it comes to the weather in this corner of southeastern Wyoming.

And while we don't generally get really hot weather in October, it can still go in a lot of different directions.

This year, the Old Farmer's Almanac, for example, is predicting sunny and mild weather for Halloween. The publication overall says we can expect mostly sunny and mild weather going forward this month, albeit with a few thunderstorms possible along the way.

But just a couple of years ago, in 2020, Cheyenne set a record with 14 inches of snow in a 48-hour period on October 25-26.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cheyenne recorded a high of 84.9 degrees on October 1, 1980, according to climatespy.com.

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