Another comedy we can so relate to, especially now.

It's a hashtag that many of us have engaged with, #WFH. Many of us are living this reality as we are quarantined and social distancing ourselves from others. It's been a transition for many that has come with stress and frustration, but also a lot of humor. Sometimes you just have to step back and laugh at the fact that the office you complained about going into for years is actually looking like heaven right about now.

That's exactly what Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein are latching onto.

The two are most known for being executive producers on the hit show The Office. Their ability to create a show that was so relatable to anyone who has an office family will now come in handy for their new project. Silverman and Lieberstein are now developing a show based on our current reality, working from home.

Although it doesn't sound like they will be creating a pandemic-related story line, they will be highlighting the funny moments that come when employees work remotely. I'm sure many of us are already experiencing much of what they will be incorporating. It sounds like a perfect way to strike while the fire is hot.

There aren't many details about the show, but it is in early development at this time.

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