Elevate your Christmas shopping experience this year with a visit to the Christmas House in Cheyenne. From homemade baked goods to handcrafted quilts, kids' gifts, and Wyoming-themed goodies, there's something for everyone at this cherished event.

Welcome to the Christmas House

This year marks an impressive 55th year of the Christmas House. Each year, the GFWC Women's Civic League of Cheyenne selects a new house donated by a community member in Cheyenne is selected to host the most festive shopping experience in the city. The annual Christmas House event is a limited-time experience happening only three days a year - this year, the house opens its doors tomorrow (Friday, December 1) through Saturday, December 2, at 6746 Beckle Road.

The annual event raises funds from gift sales that go directly back into the Cheyenne community. Previous years' funds have gone towards the new playground at Cahill Park, high school scholarships, and other community-focused programs.

The Perfect Gift Awaits

The GWFC has been hard at work creating gifts for Cheyenne shoppers - some members have been working since last February to craft the items! The 2023 Christmas House features hundreds of gifts - somewhere among them, the perfect gift for your friend or loved one awaits. While you shop, enjoy a sweet treat from the 'Tea Room!' Here's a sneak peek of some of the items you'll find at the house:

  • Bath bombs
  • Quilts
  • 307-themed items
  • A 'man cave' full of manly gifs
  • Fully decorated mini-Christmas trees
  • Jewelry
  • Pet items
  • and more.

Tickets to the Christmas House

Tickets for this year's Christmas House are $6 a person. Parking is located at 7006 N. College Dr. - there is no parking at the Christmas House itself. But don't stress! The beautiful Cheyenne Trolley will take you to the house - the shuttle is included in the ticket price. You can purchase tickets at the house or pre-purchase by clicking here.

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