Josh Creel, who attended Central High School here in Cheyenne, was recently in town.  He was competing in the Wyoming State Open, where he started 24th in the rankings.

Josh said, "I love coming back and seeing familiar faces, family and friends.  I never particularly play well when I come back, but it's alright, it's good to see everybody."

This tournament is extra special to him.  It is being played at the Airport Golf Club, where he played most of his high school career.  "I do get all jacked up for it since it's in the city I grew up in." says Creel.

During Creels' four years at Central, he lead his team to win four state titles.  After graduating high school, he went to Oklahoma University to grow in his golf career.  Since leaving Oklahoma University, he has been in All Pros Tour, Monday qualifiers, PGA Tour qualifiers and has had his first PGA start.

" tours are tough because you have to shoot 7 under to have a chance but I did Monday into the Valero open PGA tour event earlier this year and that was my first PGA tour start ever."

Cheyenne always has your back, best of luck!



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