Just released from 247WallStreet for USA Today, the latest rundown on the run down - poorest counties in each state. For Wyoming, that’s Albany County, described in part like this:

Albany County borders Colorado. Laramie, its most populous city, is the county seat. The typical household in the county earns only $43,043 a year, about $16,000 less than the median income across the state. It is also the only county in the state where more than 1 in 4 residents live in poverty.

Just over a year ago we saw the last version of this list. Goshen County must be doing better, or did things only get worse for Albany, the new poorest? Torrington is Goshen’s county seat, which was Wyoming’s poorest town in May of 2017. We posted then on Torrington here.

It was mentioned Albany County residents rate high for education (due to UW's location in Laramie). Actually, it was also mentioned that Torrington people are smart as well, at least above average in public education.

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