Fear not, Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, the band isn't going anywhere just yet. A week after word spread that they were considering giving up touring, Flea quashed all chatter about the notion.

TMZ caught up with the bassist-beekeeper in Switzerland, where they're headlining the Paleo Festival tonight, and asked him about retiring. Although they didn't have a direct quote, they wrote, "Flea says that would be news to him, and anyone else in the band, because they've made no plans to hang it up."

Last week, drummer Chad Smith admitted that lengthy tours are starting to affect them physically now that he, Flea and Anthony Kiedis are all 54. “We were riding in a van after a gig and Flea was like, ‘How much longer do you think we should... How do you think we should end this?’,” he said. “I was, like, ‘I don’t know!’ I want to make records, I still love making records, but the touring part … I don’t know if we can continue.”

“We all have families and different things, your priorities shift a little bit. You kinda see that what’s gonna work for you maybe doesn’t necessarily work for other bands,” he added. “But again, we’re just so grateful that people want to come and see us play, and we love to perform. I don’t know in the future how that’s gonna look.”

The Chili Peppers will remain in Europe through the end of the month, but they have a handful more U.S. dates on their calendar, most of which are festivals, between Sept. 15 and Oct. 18. For full details, visit their website.

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