“Wyoming is 1 of only 9 states that do not tax individual wage income. It does collect a state sales tax.” Given all of the other blessings of living here, what a nice bonus.

But the IRS has what it takes to take what you’ve got on the federal level, so pay them their pieces of silver. Usually, taxes are due on April 15th, but this year the 15th is a Saturday, and Washington DC will observe Emancipation Day on Monday, the 17th, so this year taxes will be due on Tuesday, April 18th.

Some will let a pro do their own taxes, others will try it themselves, maybe using digital help. Which is better?

6 “Business Insider” writers tried both TurboTax and H&R Block’s online preparation site and the results showed TurboTax was preferred by 5 out of 6, especially if you have a more complicated return. They both cost about the same.

So it’s crunch time for dealing with your 2016 returns, but something Wyomingites should know about, is the 2017 Solar Eclipse Event which has Wyoming directly in it’s path, creating income streams for locals selling t-shirts, hats, sacrificial virgins or renting out property for camping or housing for the throngs of incoming tourists. You will owe the Federal government for that.

Here’s to a hassle free tax day on Tuesday, April 18th.

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