Normally, you wouldn't think of Wyoming as a hotbed for big budget Hollywood movies. However, you might be surprised how many legendary films have either been filmed in, or based in, our great state.

In fact, at least six films filmed in Wyoming have gone on to win Academy Awards. That number is likely to rise next year, when famed director Quentin Tarantino releases his new Wyoming based western The Hateful Eight.

Our Completely Subjective List of the Top 5 Movies Filmed in Wyoming


Honorable Mention: Interestingly enough, several Academy Award winning films didn't make our list of Wyoming's most iconic movies.

Recent Oscar winner Nebraska filmed several scenes on location in Buffalo.

The Grand Tetons provided a scenic backdrop for Tarantino's Django Unchained.

Although it was primarily filmed in Alaska, Brokeback Mountain was based in Wyoming and a handful of scenes were shot here.

Parts of another Academy Award winning film, Dances With Wolves, were filmed in Jackson Hole.

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