Do you remember all of those cold trick-or-treat treks through the rain, snow and blow to get your Halloween candy while dressed in arctic snowsuits over your costumes to keep from freezing? If you do, your mind may be playing tricks on you. History shows Cheyenne Weather hasn’t been too bad over the years.

According to the National Weather Service, Cheyenne Halloween high temperatures from 1956 through 2016. The average high temperature has been 50.9 degrees. The warmest Halloween was 73 degrees in 2008 and the coolest was 15 degrees in 2002, for high temperatures.

National Weather Service Cheyenne

Other Cheyenne climatology statistics for Halloween from 1956 through 2016.

Low temperatures for Halloween in Cheyenne from 1956 through 2016 show the average low temperature is 29.1 degrees. The warmest low temperature was 45 degrees in 2001 and 2016, and the coldest low temperature was negative 1 degree in 1991.

National Weather Service Cheyenne

Measurable precipitation (0.01 inch or greater) on Halloween in Cheyenne since 1956. Measurable precipitation has occurred on 18 of the 61 Halloween days, or 30 percent. No measurable precipitation has occurred in the past 12 Halloweens.

Since 1956, the most snow on Halloween in Cheyenne was 4.9 inches in 2002. Measurable snowfall has occurred on 11 of the 61 Halloween days, or 18 percent.

Source: NationalWeather Service Cheyenne, Wyoming.