The world's only Cowboy and Indian carousel is in Buffalo, Wyoming. But this carousel wasn't always in Wyoming, it is originally from Ocean City, New Jersey.

Not only is it the world's only Cowboy and Indian carousel but it is also Wyoming's only carousel. The carousel itself was built-in 1923, it was erected at Gillian's Fun Deck in Ocean City. The carousel was in operation at the park until 1986. Then a man by the name of Emerson Scott bought it at an auction and moved it to the Cowboy State.

It had no horses when Emerson bought it, so all the horses on it are brand-new. Bill Jennings was the man asked to carve new horses for the carousel, he carved three different types of horses; a Comanche, an Indian Pony, and a Bucking Horse. The horses were then painted very similar to the original horses.

The man who once was the mayor of Ocean City, his grandfather owned the Fun Deck. The former mayor's first job in high school was running this carousel. He plans to come to Wyoming to flip the switch when the carousel gets back up and running.

The town of Buffalo still needs your help to get this carousel up and running. Click here if you would like to help donate and see this project flourish.

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