Are we stressed? As a whole state, that's more so what I'm curious about. There are tons of things for us to stress out about these days, financial security, inflation, whether the Pokes are going to be good this football season. Lots of stress.

Do we stress more than other states, though? That's a great question, I'd love to answer it. The website Wallethub did the dirty work on this and ranked each state from most to least. The states that end and start that list are interesting to say the least.

Louisiana came out the gates as the most stressed while our friendly-ish neighbors to the west in Utah came in as the least stressed state in the country. A lot of factors go into this study, ranging from hours worked to credit reports and how much we sleep on average.

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Wyoming actually came in 26th, so we're right in the middle of the pack. Colorado came in more stressed than us, so at least their image is fighting against how they really feel. That's not a gloating thing. Not totally, anyway. Nebraska had to show off a bit and come in at number 42. Must be something in the corn. They also have the 2nd most affordable housing in the country. That's worth cheering for.

So, all in all, Wyoming isn't that stressed. I'd say, we're medium stressed. Would that mean medium happy? No clue, but at least we don't have as much weight on us as other states.

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