We've seen underwear before that claims to filter out the smell of your flatulence, but they're always bulky and the reviews say they're only sort-of effective.

A new company out of Leicestershire, England is hoping to change all that.  They've created an underwear line called Shreddies and they promise the underwear will completely absorb and hide the smell of your horrible gas.

The underwear is made out of the same cloth used in chemical warfare suits.  And it's thin and flexible.

Also, even though you're picturing this product being just for men, it's available for women too.  The men's are boxer briefs . . . the women's are briefs.  We're guessing it wouldn't be possible to make thongs.

But . . . these aren't cheap.  The men's underwear costs $39 to $45, and the women's costs between $31 and $34.  They'll also charge you about $8 for shipping from England.

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