Early Friday a driver missed the obvious construction cones or might have been in a hurry and decided to take a short cut around the cones instead of waiting at the light.  The result was neither a short cut or cheap!

The 'accident' occured on Friday, August 18th at the corner of West Lincolnway and Snyder in Cheyenne, WY.  Unfortunately we don't know if the driver was a local resident or someone visiting for the weekend.

Construction cones are in place to protect drivers from hazards and protect workers from cars that pass by, sometimes at high rates of speed.

Either way, this driver is facing some potentially expensive repair bills (both for the car and repaving work) and no word as of yet to whether or not this driver received a ticket for this bone-head move.  We can only hope that they did!

Please remember to use caution and obey reduced speed limits when approaching and driving through construction zones.

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