Joe Exotic, better known as the Tiger King, and his fellow cohorts in crime have been viral sensations ever since Netflix premiered their story in a miniseries back in March.

For those following the saga after the docuseries ended, 42 of the exotic animals from the Tiger King's infamous zoo were rescued by the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Another layer of the never ending drama, was Joe Exotic having to hand over his zoo to business-partners-turned-enemies, Jeff and Lauren Lowe. Even under the new ownership, the zoo was still being watched closely by PETA. Several inspections reportedly revealed mistreatment of the animals and while the couple originally expressed big plans for the park, they were instead forced to close the facility under court order.

With news of the G.W. Exotic Animal Park's permanent closure, the Wild Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help once again. The sanctuary announced via Facebook that they assisted in bringing the remaining 16 animals to the refuge in Colorado. The last of the animals rescued from Oklahoma included 11 wolves, three tigers, one black bear, and one grizzly bear.

According to sanctuary staff, the animals are already much happier living in their new home, with wide open acreage to run and play. Although they are currently in a temporary enclosure, the wolves will soon get full freedom to roam the refuge with the other animals once they complete their quarantine/introductory phase.

Animals of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


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