Who wants to be a millionaire? No, that's not a game show reference. People sometimes fantasize about the idea of being a millionaire. For a lot of people, it would solve a lot of problems. Or just maybe you could purchase that dream home you have always wanted. Well one TikTok user shows you exactly what you can get for $1 million in the Cowboy State and where you can purchase it.

The real estate market has gone up quite a bit. Prices today aren't what they were ten years ago, so things that money can buy are definitely different. But for anyone who still has that dream of buying a nice home or a ranch on a big piece of land somewhere in Wyoming might want to pay attention to this video that will show you where you can and cannot have that ability.

The TikTok video, posed by user Sam Haack (@samhrealestate) shows multiple Wyoming cities where there are homes you can purchase with $1 million in 2022. It also gives you a glimpse of things you can't purchase as the latter seconds of the video show.

The video shows homes in Wyoming cities such as Star Valley, Buffalo, Cheyenne, Casper, and Pinedale that all show some relatively nice places. The spot in Pinedale actually looks like it could double as a ski lodge. But then the video continues...

The home shown in Ten Sleep is not exactly what dreams are made of. Then, possibly the best part of the video which shows what you can get in Jackson. The city of Jackson is accompanied by a black screen because basically nothing is available there for only $1 million. It's certainly one of the more clever videos you might see on TikTok.

Unfortunately, $1 million doesn't exactly buy what it used to, but that's true anywhere around the world due to global inflation. Either way, you can still get some nice places with that money. Just don't try to get anything in Ten Sleep and there's definitely nothing available for that money in Jackson!

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