You may have heard of No-Shave November, or the other popular version "Movember." Perhaps you're even participating! This yearly ritual of facial hair growth is for a good cause, raising awareness about cancer and other factors that take men from us too early. Men in your life may suddenly look a bit more scruffy, and for those who don't normally keep a beard, that can lead to some... interesting fashion statements.

Not possessing the ability to grow a beard myself, I reached out to Andrew Martin of Martin Barber Co. in Laramie to get all the tips to have that great beard (or mustache) of your dreams.

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    1. Boost Your Testosterone

    Testosterone helps grow beards full and thick. Andrew says "Some guys will join a gym or go climb a mountain to slay a wild mountain goat to help boost the masculinity but what really gets the blood boiling? A day trip with your wife to Ikea. Nothing gets your temperature rising like spending all day looking at stuff that you'll have to assemble later with its vague instructions and fragile fake wood! An advanced move is to assemble the pieces without help or instructions."

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    2. Increase Meditation

    Martin continues with more wellness-based advice: "After you have successfully mangled your new coffee table, its time to pick a role model. Try to focus on a hero of bearded proportions, it doesn't have to be a real person or even a human, it could be a character like Grizzly Adams or just the Grizzly. Your facial hair needs a spirit animal of sorts to make a connection with to unleash the beast. My beard's spirit animal is a Honey Badger.  Can you feel the beard growing yet? Yes? Move to Step 3 .No? Repeat Step 1 and 2."

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    3. Build Trust

    If you've made it this far, you've probably got a pretty great beard going already. Even if that beard is still in your minds' eye.

    "If November is the only month that you are allowed to let your face return to its wild state, it more than likely has separation anxiety," Martin says. "To build back the trust it helps to speak kind words to your beard. Speak in a low voice and use words of affirmation like, "you are unique", "you are special" and you are needed". Doing so will help strengthen the bond between you and your follicle factory. Your beard needs to know that you are proud of it so another tip that will help build trust is to introduce your beard to all the guys in your fantasy football league. Your beard is a part of you so don't hide it from your friends or pretend like you are just hanging out. Let them know your beard and you are serious and looking to plant roots together!"


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