Nationally, millions will have packages stolen off their front porches. In Cheyenne, many people have claimed stolen packages recently, but only one has filed an official report to Cheyenne Police.

Cheyenne Police Dept.
Cheyenne Police Dept.

Friday, camera footage caught this woman stealing two packages from the porch in the 200 block of Hunters Way.

With elevated shipping levels, the crime goes up, typically during daylight hours when you’re not home. Some thieves will follow delivery trucks and snag the packages as soon as they are dropped off.

Protect yourself.

Most retailers will give you a tracking number so you’ll know when it will arrive. If you’re at work, ask a neighbor to grab it for you.

A doorbell camera can really help identify the thieves. Get a security camera that is triggered by motion and can send you notice and video to your cell phone. Point the camera to capture a face and/or toward the road to catch the car involved and possibly get a license plate number for police.

Consider a front porch lockbox or shipping to your work address. You can subscribe to package alerts from UPS or the USPS for free daily alerts to help estimate arrival times at They also offer a redirect option during the delivery.

Some homeowners set up fake packages filled with excrement. I’d like to add an explosive charge to really deliver that stinky gift to a thief.

Colorado Postal authorities have taken to setting up dummy packages with tracking devices inside. Clever. Catching criminals in the act could lead to the discovery of more stolen goods. Stealing from the US Mail could get a thief up to 5 years in prison along with a $250,000 fine.

File a police report.

If you know of a crime call Silent Witness at 638-TIPS

There is a package guard that sounds an alarm available, Doorman or Amazon Locker which kind of like a post office box, but just for Amazon deliveries. USAToday has more tech help.


Some people whine about tech help.

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