It doesn’t look scary, unless you have to spend time in it and you really, REALLY, hate confined spaces.

I’ve been poked, prodded, sliced and diced by doctors in my life and have no problem with what many say is painful, but the giant donut pictured is what I fear. Claustrophobia is a real fear that I had to prepare myself for, thinking it through with “stay cool” as a mantra. “It’s only 20 minutes inside.”

Luckily there was a great staff that that belied what I have heard so many times, “Get your medical taken care of in Colorado." I easily could have, but I wanted to see for myself. I was impressed with this Wyoming crew. Total pros in every instance, in dealing with some 7 staffers.

One tech, Noe, went above and beyond when I asked him to keep talking and distract me while I was in the machine that at times was inches from my face  He even punched out to avoid overtime but came back to keep my mind off my extreme mental discomfort. What a professional, what a human.

A Wyomingite getting ‘er done right and standing testament that we don’t always need Colorado, Wyoming takes care of her own.

The downside: a bill for over $10,000, thank God for insurance, though a $3k deductible is a pricey hit. Now, back again Friday afternoon for the follow-up and another ride in the donut.

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