Sometimes holidays don't always go as planned.

Perhaps "regret" is a strong word to use here. Maybe there were some things that you wish you would have done differently on Halloween. Nothing is perfect, after all.

I'll give you one of my regrets from this past weekend.

I wish I would have used hot glue to put my costume together rather than spray glue. Maybe my glue was just old or something, but parts of my costume were coming apart after I put it on.

For context: I made my own Mike Wazowski costume from Monsters Inc...

I tried to spray a few pieces back together while wearing it, but ended up just dripping glue down the front of the shirt. It was a bit of a mess. Word to the wise: costume alterations should always be done off your body.

That's my regret.

I do think there are some common regrets that we all sometimes have surrounding this tricks or treats holiday.

Top 5 (Possible) Halloween Regrets

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