The team behind Top Gun: Maverick recently released an AR tool to figure out what your call sign would be. It's more or less just a short little quiz, and at the end, there's a filter with a helmet and you're assigned a nickname. As detailed in the video below, a call sign is essentially a moniker that portrays a little bit about your personality. It's apparently a real-life Navy phenomenon, which is useful both so everyone has a unique name, and so people are recognized for what makes them ... them.

In the movie, we have Maverick, (of course) played by Tom Cruise. There’s a whole host of other characters though, both old and new. We have names like Phoenix, Coyote, Hangman, Fanboy, and even a guy whose call sign is just Bob. I have to say, I didn't really like my personal call sign of Inferno much more than I like Bob as a call sign. That being said, the quiz is only a few questions long.

Does it use facial recognition and assign you a call sign based on your face mixed with your answers? Is it one or the other? Who knows? Either way, if you ever wondered what people might call you in the Navy, or you're just a huge Top Gun fan, this handy little tool is a lot of fun!

Top Gun: Maverick

The plot of Top Gun: Maverick involves Cruise teaching flight classes to a new group of young pilots. That's when he finds out that his students are due for an urgent mission with grave consequences. He might just have to deal with some old demons to ensure their success.

Top Gun: Maverick is due for release on May 27, and will feature Tom Cruise reprising the title role. The director, Joseph Kosinski, is known for his work on films like Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. Expectations for the film are exceedingly high. Fortunately, if reviews of the movie ahead of its official release have anything to say about it, the movie’s going to be stellar.

You can get your Top Gun call sign here.

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