On the ballot are races for mayor-Incumbent Rick Kyasen is challenged by John Palmer, a garbage man for the city (not a joke) and Howard ''KIT'' Carson. Only Palmer is a serious challenger, you may remember Carson was jailed for numerous traffic offenses, including driving on a suspended license, when he went for his candidate interview with the local paper, and he is generally perceived as a nut. Top two advance--almost certainly Kaysen and Palmer.

On the other hand there are something like 23 canddiates for two county commission seats, including a new seat that is being added this year. The list of candidates ios too long to mention here. Onw of the seats on the ballot is for four years, the other for two years.
Also primary eelctions for a long list of offices, including city council and state legislature, school board. u-s senator John Barrasso and congresswoman Cynthis L;ummis's seat are also on the ballot this year, including Democratic primaries for their challengers.

6th penny sales tax issues are also on the ballot--the list of items is too long to list here, you can google ''Laramie County sixth penny sales tax ballot" Some of the headline items are as follows:
$25 million to renovate the old Dineen car dealership to  house the police dept, fire dept and other emergency responders
33 million for a new city recreation center. This is a scaled back version of a proposal that lost on the 6th penny ballot in 2008
16.5 Million for renovations to the Cheyenne Bootanic Gardens. This could be the closeest item on the 5th penny ballot.
This isn't a complete  list of the 6th penny proposals, you can google it online if you really want to get detailed information.
Polls are open 7am to 7 pm, people can register to vote at the polls if they wish, for more information please visit online at;