We took a poll asking you, what you thought this image captured above Casper is. It all started while I was photographing the Perseid Meteor shower. One of the last images I took captured something that could not be identified. We asked: is this a UFO? The truth of the matter is we may never truly know what this is.

Often fantasy is more exciting than reality. According to our poll, the majority of people thought this photo is an alien UFO. There are a few comments that people thought it looks like a cloaked Klingon D-7 battle cruiser or the USS Enterprise. I like what you are thinking, but those are fictional. Live long and prosper my fellow class clowns.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

30% of the people who took the poll think this is an alien UFO.

17% of the people think this is space junk.

15% of the people think this is a reflection.

12% of the people think this is a top secret flight program.

4% of the people think this is a drone.

As much as I would love to have photographed an alien, I can’t claim this to be true. We would first have to disprove two important possibilities.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

The first of which is there is nothing there at all. This image is a reflection. The truth is when photographing in low light you have to do a few things with the camera. You have to make it a very long exposure, and allow the camera to absorb the smallest amount of light. For those who are familiar with DSLR Cameras, I was using ISO 1600 and a 30 second exposure. For example I took this selfie using my phone to light up my face. You can see what appears to be a shooting star at the top of the photo, but it is a reflection from my phone. I knew this to be fact because the photo I took right after had the same streak. There was no way a shooting star could last over a minute.

The next and biggest thing to disprove is that this image captured something man made. A lot of people commented that it looks like a drone. Some people say it could be the International Space Station or a satellite. One guy says he thinks it is a bug.

I think we can rule out the ISS, space junk, and satellites because the size is not right. These celestial objects look more like stars or planes. The perspective is just not right. Plus these objects move very fast across the night’s sky. This mysterious object is much closer to earth.

However, a drone or plane is a real possibility. If it is a drone, it would have to be close to where I was taking pictures or very large. My next question is what was it doing there at 2am in the morning? The truth is out there … somewhere.