Now this is a challenge I can get behind.

There have been some crazy Internet challenges out there. Some are terrible ideas (remember the Tide Pod Challenge), while others can actually make a huge positive impact (like the Ice Bucket Challenge). As someone who believes the Internet and social media should be used to uplift one another, I am all for the Venmo Challenge.

This challenge is starting to take over the Internet. A friend actually shared this video with me over the weekend and I was instantly hooked. The idea is to have people donate to a Venmo account so that you can then take that money to bless someone else.

In this video, @jessijeannn (who has 149,000 followers) asked her followers to donate money to her Venmo. She was very upfront about by she was asking for this. She said she had seen a friend do something similar and felt called to take on the challenge herself. She asked people only to give if they had the means to do so and not because they felt obligated since they follow her.

Within 24 hours, she had over $2,800.

She and her husband then threw in the remaining amount to make it an even $3,000. They then gathered some friends and went out to eat in Denver. After getting to know their server a little bit, they determined he was the one so they presented him with $1,500. With the remaining $1,500 they asked him to bring out other servers who could use some cash. He brought out two others and they divided up the remaining amount between them.

Needless to say, they were each speechless.

Our restaurants, servers and countless other businesses are hurting this year. Many industries have been hit hard with COVID lockdowns. The Venmo Challenge is such a beautiful way to not only take care of our friends and neighbors financially, but remind the world that we are better when we are together looking out for one another.

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