A viral video shared to Facebook shows Casper police struggling with a man who's on the pavement near CY Avenue and Wyoming Boulevard.

Police say the man, Jordan Fritz, was believed to have recently assaulted a nearby store employee unprovoked. He was also allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

In an email to K2 Radio News, Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd said Fritz was walking along the roadway of a "major intersection" when police attempted to make contact with him.

Fritz reportedly made lunges at officers in the middle of the roadway, impeding traffic. He also allegedly yelled so belligerently at officers, his spit got in their faces.

The video depicts officers struggling with Fritz, and at one point, officers appear to strike him. Ladd said as soon as Fritz was handcuffed, he was stood up and led to a patrol car.

He declined medical aid.

"Continuing to act aggressively toward officers, with clear signs of being under the influence, unwilling to comply, and acting as a clear danger to himself, the officers and the community, officers were forced to use trained techniques to take control of the individual, including the use of a drive stun taser, resulting in a safe arrest," Ladd said. "The suspect continued to strongly and actively resist the officers while the officers attempted to handcuff and place the individual into a patrol vehicle."

Fritz was arrested on recommended charges of interference with a police officer, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol and simple assault.

Ladd said all use-of-force incidents are reviewed and investigated.

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