Now, this is a weird name for an area in Yellowstone, and it has nothing to do with petting a bison. Get it, because they'll...yeah, you get my joke. Anyways, we have tons of weird borders in America, and the border that Yellowstone lies in with Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana's borders has some irregularities to say it best. The small areas of Yellowstone on the Idaho and Montana side are called the "Zone of Death".

And it's not for reasons that you think. If due to the nature of the law and how rules and laws are enforced in those areas. While Idaho has a portion of the Yellowstone border, if someone were to commit a crime in that area, would have a jury from the Wyoming district that also lives in Idaho. Weird, right?

Here, this guy explains the oddity of the "Zone of Death" pretty well.

That's a pretty wild trick if you can pull off getting out of whatever crime you'd commit in that area, especially since the Census says no one lives in that 50 miles area. They also gave a really nice shout-out to one of the ongoing, albeit morbid jokes in the show Yellowstone, where they take people to the train station.

I mean, this is pretty weird all around, but I doubt we ever see any resolution to this since it's just there. They'll probably just keep it the way it's always been out of simplicity. It's just a really interesting part of our own geography here in Wyoming. We have a "Zone of Death". At least it sounds cool.

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