We'll say this about 2020, people are getting creative.

Of all the things that we are missing in 2020, is airline food on your list? Probably not. I'm not slamming airline food. It's decent. I enjoyed the food I traveling to Barcelona, Spain last year (gosh, I miss 2019) and I especially enjoyed the ice cream sundae cart they rolled out for dessert. YUM!

But in the midst of a pandemic, I don't believe I'm having airline food withdrawals.

If you, on the other hand, are missing those pre-made meals then this might be for you. Singapore Airlines is offering yet another travel experience in 2020. These are the same people who allowed people to purchase a ticket to board one of their planes, sit for a few minutes, and then get off the plane. It's a way to satisfy the longing for travel we are feeling, which I totally get.

Singapore Airlines presents Restaurant A380 @Changi.

This experience allows guests to board an Airbus A380 for dinner. Guests will choose their own cabin class and received award-winning service. In addition to your meal, you will receive two complimentary alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. It's a limited experience that will only take place October 24-25.

Of course, in 2020 there's always a take-away version in dining.

SIA@Home gives you First Class or Business Class dining at home. The two-person meal is curated by world-renowned chefs and comes with your choice of wine or champagne. You can even spring for an options that come with the on-board dining tableware and amenities. Those meals will be available beginning October 5.

I'm starting to rethink my stance on this idea. It's kind of genius. First, it sounds way fancier than I expected and it really can scratch that travel itch, when you think about it. Plus, what an excellent way to bring in a little money to the airlines during this time.

Right now it's only available if you're currently in Singapore, but this could be something we see pop up in America.

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