They were the planes that helped free the world. Sadly, the key word here is were. Almost 4,000 bombers were constructed during World War II, but there is only one that can still fly, and she is called “Fifi.” She is the last flying long range B-29 Superfortress on the planet and she is coming to Cheyenne.

As part of their air show, Commemorative Air Force will fly in “Fifi” along with a C-45 Military Transport Expediter on August 22, 2016 to Legend Aeroserve at Cheyenne Regional Airport. The planes will be on display from 2 – 5 pm. On August 23 and 24 you will be able to see them from 9 am to 5 pm at fueling station Legend Aeroserve, who’s Morgan Mondragon at Legend Aeroserve says “We did a similar venture about years ago.” “Visitors will be allowed to get up close and touch the airplanes, tour the cockpit, talk to the crews, teach the kids and watch the planes FLY.”

With the plane’s thirst for fuel, I asked Morgan if fuel for these older planes is easy to come by and she says it’s no problem. But helping to defray the cost of that fuel and other expenses brings a small price to pay.

The costs of admission to see these war-birds is $10 adult, $5 for 11 – 17 and children under 10 and under get on the ramp for free. Rides on these great airplanes will cost from $570 - $1,495 with more information at

LiveAirShowTV via YouTube
LiveAirShowTV via YouTube

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