Here's a scientific fact for you. You can run much faster when you're being chased by a bear. If you don't believe me, watch how fast this guy traveled when he found a bear outside of his home with his dogs.

We can laugh about this because no humans, dogs or bears were injured during this encounter. I believe this happened in California.

Here's the story as he described it on YouTube:

2 weeks ago-ish, I let my dogs out and they darted towards the backyard, barking. I went to investigate and saw a black bear chasing my dogs and then charging towards me. I ran back to the house and stuck my head out of the sliding glass door to yell for my dogs. Realizing the bear was only about 15 ft away from me, I screamed.

Squealing and/or screaming is definitely allowable when you have a bear on your tail. If you encounter a bear in the wild, the US Forest Service says (IN ALL CAPS on their website) that you do NOT run. But, if I see a bear in my yard and I have a door nearby, I'm gonna be hauling it just like this guy did.

According to the story on YouTube, no one was injured although one of his dogs did have a slight claw mark. That's probably a best case scenario as bear and dog clashes rarely end well for the dog.

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