He was fishing for love and caught the one he was looking for. If that premise sounds fishy to you, wait until you watch how a fisherman decided to pop the question to his girlfriend.

The story behind this video is almost as good as the video itself. Here's a bit of the story about how Jonathan the fisherman found love:

This video by Jonathan Swift shows his now-fiancee, Brooke, moments after she had caught a fish.

“First fish of the day gets a prize,” Swift says before asking Brooke to hold something for him. Brooke is visibly surprised to find Swift is handing her a ring box.

“Will you marry me?” he asks, prompting her to question whether he is serious. After taking a quick peek at the ring, she accepts.

At the end of the video, Swift says, “Good catch.” But he told Storyful when they went to retrieve the fish it had spat the hook and swam away.

Fortunately for this fisherman, his lady was much more hooked than that fish that got away.

I could unleash an unbearable amount of puns about what a good catch she is or he had her hook, line and sinker, etc. But, I'll spare you my wince-inducing words about how he "lured" her into the relationship. (*face palm*)

Just accept this for what it is. A fisherman with a woman who shares his passion for boats and good catches. Congrats you lucky couple.

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