I've seen (and unfortunately have been a part of) some weird traffic stops in my time, but this might take the cake. It's a video of a police traffic stop that was suddenly interrupted by a pack of wolves.

I have to admit that I came across this video by accident when I was looking for something else. It's not new, but it's new to me and it made me laugh for several reasons. According to the channel that posted it, this happened in Russia when a car was pulled over for a non-working headlight. Pay special attention to what the policeman does the moment he realizes that he's being joined by a pack of wolves on the roadway.

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Here's how the YouTube channel described this encounter:

The traffic stop took a very non-routine direction when a large pack of wolves emerged from the forest and began running down the highway.

My favorite part is the fact that he got in the backseat of the person he pulled over. What if the vehicle had no backseat? So many questions.

The ultimate question is whether the person was allowed to leave with only a warning. I'd bet my bottom dollar that the policeman may have given them a gift certificate instead of a ticket for allowing him refuge.

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