Never underestimate a Wyoming marksman when it comes to what he or she can do with a rifle. New video shows one Wyoming man hit a target from over 3 miles away.

Here's a short video of the hit shared by the Nomad Rifleman Extreme Long Range Shooting YouTube channel.

Nomad Rifleman shared more details of this world record long range shot. According to their report, on August 28, 2020 a new Wyoming State Record for an Extreme Long Range Rifle Shot was achieved at a distance of 3.06 miles. The team that achieved this is only the 2nd to hit a target from over 3 miles away.

One of the team members is Scott Austin, the Dean of Jackson Hole Bible College. The man who made the shot is referred to as Mr. X. The chance given for him to hit this target from over 3 miles away was less than 1%. To say he beat the odds is an understatement.

According to their story, the record shot was made with a a specialty .375 Cheytac rifle with custom ammunition and special scopes. It's a simply astounding achievement no matter what gear you're using.

The whole story is worth a read from Nomad Rifleman. Give a Wyomingite with a rifle and challenge and watch them amaze you.

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