Do you ever wonder what eagles do when they're in bad shape and have to be rehabilitated? Wonder no more as I have proof that the truth is they dance. A lot.

The proud symbol of America is being cared for by Badger Run Wildlife Rehab. They recently shared a video showing what she's doing to get back in shape. She's getting jiggy with it.

We have the Teton Raptor Center in Wyoming that works with wounded birds. Badger Run Wildlife Rehab is located in Oregon. They shared some backstory behind this eagle's mad dance moves:

At Badger Run Wildlife Rehab, injured eagle BAEA 2020-184 was undergoing her usual physical therapy on December 21, 2020, when she appeared to start dancing. While two volunteers at the centre were holding her wing, they readjusted the eagle’s stance to help her regain her balance. In order to help facilitate a steady rhythm for the injured bird, the volunteers play music which helps her stay in rhythm.

This injured eagle has better balance and dance moves than I have as a healthy human and that's a fact. For fun, I like to watch this video while also playing some Will Smith jams. It takes it to another level.

Gotta appreciate the volunteers that do work like this to make sure our treasured feathered friends eventually take back to the skies as the symbols of freedom that we cherish so much.

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