A recent wedding proposal from the Sanford Clinic in Canton, South Dakota has gone viral.

It's a feel-good story that has news networks, and social media outlets from all over the world highlighting the South Dakota town.

According to Sanford Health's Facebook page, Robby Vargas-Cortes, an EMS supervisor at the Sanford Health Clinic in Canton was scheduled to be inoculated a few days ago.

Robby seemed to know that his boyfriend, Eric Vanderlee would be the Registered Nurse who would be administering the vaccine because he had a surprise up his sleeve. Just under his shirt sleeve, and right where Nurse Vanderlee would be applying the vaccine to Robby's arm, he taped an engagement ring.

The rest is pure internet gold, and of course, a surprised Nurse Vanderlee happily accepted the proposal, and his now fiance, Robby received his COVID- 19 vaccine.

Take a look for yourself at the video clip provided below. And read the full story on Sanford Health's Facebook page.


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