Colorado folks were wanting to relax on their mattresses and watch a movie outside. An incoming storm had other ideas.

According to the YouTube share, this video was captured by Robb Manes. (NOTE: if you live in Colorado, you're allowed to have two 'B's' in your name if you are a Rob) Robb said that this happened as a bunch of people were getting ready to watch a movie under the stars.

If you've ever watched a community movie outside, you know it's important to bring something comfortable to sit on. Maybe I'm naive, but a chair and something to drink would be fine for me. Colorado people obviously have higher requirements. I would never have thought to take a huge air mattress to a community event. I'm obviously missing out.

The other amazing thing to me is it seems like many of these Colorado people bought the exact same type of air mattress. What are the odds? Wait, this is Colorado we're talking about.

The wild wind proceeding the storm decided to launch these air mattresses into the stratosphere and it's quite the sight to behold. Thanks to Robb (two B's!) for the video share. You made my day.

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