This is not the first time and more than likely will not be the last time that a comedian puts the Cowboy State on blast. The latest to have some fun at Wyoming's expense is bi-racial comedian and actor, Michael Yo.

In a bit recently posted to YouTube channel, Comedy Dynamics, back in November 2020, Yo joked about our lack of diversity. Depending on where his show was at, he may have a point. Wyoming has scored on the low end for racial diversity for some time now, but in the past year, we have managed to climb the list (landing at the #2 spot), for racial equality and civic engagement.

Luckily, Michael didn't pick on us for too long. In the just under 4-minute, he managed to crack jokes on just about every ethnicity in the audience, which is both funny and ironic considering he's part African-American and Asian (and a Texas native).

Regardless, the clip was definitely funny and worth the watch. Now we've just got to get him back here. Maybe he can hang out with Kanye West and myself. That'll sure show him "some" of our diversity.

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