Wyoming has long been a hotspot for UFO activity, but recently, a Casper resident's door camera captured something astonishing.

A short, 10-second video was shared to the Facebook group, Wyoming through The Lens, by Kendra Gezzi, which shows a fairly large object entering into the atmosphere, before burning up and disappearing. Kendra captioned the footage:

My door bell camera caught this the other early morning at 1:30am.

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Now first and foremost, remember, the term UFO is simply an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. It does not mean extraterrestrial, or more simply put, alien, in nature.

The video has already been viewed several thousands times, been shared 174 times, has amassed over 2700 likes and also has over 120 comments in less than a week.

After sifting through some of the comments, quite a few viewers stated the foo fighter was probably a bolide.

According to the bolide Wikipedia entry:

A bolide is normally taken to mean an exceptionally bright meteor, but the term is subject to more than one definition, according to context. It may refer to any large crater-forming body, or to one that explodes in the atmosphere. It can be a synonym for a fireball, sometimes specific to those with an apparent magnitude of −14 or brighter.

That definitely makes sense, especially after watching the footage numerous times.

That being said, what do you think the object was? Was it a meteor, a satellite, fireworks, or is it possible it was something more exotic?

You be the judge.

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