It was a few weeks in the making when it culminated with sixth-grader Jacelyn Schiele making a basket for her Guernsey-Sunrise middle school basketball team on her home court last week.

Jacelyn has Down Syndrome and loves playing the game. Since she was two years old, Jacelyn has been making "granny shots," her mother Kim said.

When Guernsey was on the road against Lingle-Fort Laramie two weeks prior, the girls on the Lingle-Fort Laramie squad had an idea.

"The girls kind of realized, 'This girl has Down Syndrome,'" Kim said. "I don't know that when they were playing they knew how to handle it. They were all really nice to her and tried to include her.

"After that game, all the girls got together, talked about it and decided they wanted to do something special for her."

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So the girls from Lingle-Fort Laramie got with the coaches from Guernsey and said they wanted Jacelyn to take the first shot.

"Both of us (Lingle-Fort Laramie) coaches came up with a scenario and proposed it to the Guernsey coach," assistant LFL coach DreAnna Elmore said. "From there, it was game on to execute the plan and make her feel involved."

They put that plan into action when Lingle-Fort Laramie visited Guernsey.

But that's not unusual, Kim said. The surprise for Jacelyn was that she got to keep shooting until she made her basket.

In the video,  the game starts and Jacelyn immediately gets the ball. She dribbles and attempts a shot that just misses.

Then, a player from Lingle-Fort Laramie hands her the ball.

It goes on for a few moments before Jacelyn sinks a shot to the cheers of everyone in the gym and on the court. Both her teammates and opponents congratulate her.

In a year like 2020, we can all learn from the kindness of these two opposing schools.

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