Did the Door Dash guy ring the bell and leave your food?

That might be a bad idea.

He should have waited for you to answer.

But maybe you were on the toilet or something so he just left it.

Then the bear showed up.

OH, he can smell it, you know he can.

Watch in the video below as this bear from Seminole County Florida gently picks up the bag and walks off with it.

attachment-Bear Chick Filet

I wonder if he ever came back for the other bags? Not sure what was in them but it wasn't food.

The owner of the house knew something was up and he recorded the entire thing on his phone, off of his security camera video screen.

"30 nuggets and a large fry," the homeowner says.

You can hear his was snickering, she was watching too.

Well, I guess the answer here is to be at the door when the delivery guys shows up.

Unless you want to feed the bear.

The real bad news here is now the bear knows that food is sometimes left on the porch. He will be back, snooping around, looking for goodies.

So what does this couple do for dinner now?

They can order again, but that bear will be watching the house, and waiting.

Bears are really smart. He might even learn to identify the delivery vehicle if it is distinct enough.

Also, deliver people to this area might want to remember that there are hungry bears in the area.

They might want to lock their vehicles when walking up to somebody's door.

Yeah, some bears know how to open doors.

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