Wyoming has big beautiful open skies. The state also has some of the best areas to see the stars without light pollution from nearby towns.

Some of the best viewing, in the most remote places, happen when most of us have gone to bed.

To show you what you're missing, here are five Wyoming night sky videos.

  • 1

    Wyoming Sunset and Night

    A slow pan of the night skies from sunset to sunup.

  • 2

    Camera Test

    Beautiful colors not seen anywhere else on earth.

  • 3

    Mirror Lake And Stars

    The stars over the Grand Tetons show in the lake below.

  • 4

    Wyoming And Polars

    The Earth turns around the North Star in Wyoming.

  • 5

    Milky Way in the East

    A campground is the setting as the Milky Way passes over head.

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