Have you hit the slopes yet? We've finally gotten enough snow that we can all justify heading to the hills for a day or weekend of skiing. What better place to head to than Yellowstone National Park.

The social media team at Yellowstone decided to share an awesome video of one of their ski trails that showcased how beautiful Yellowstone is this time of the year. It's also really fun to get the first-hand look of the ski trails in the Nation's oldest national park.

The trail they're going down is Bunsen Peak Road. I only wish that the video could have been a little bit longer. It's fun to watch the scenery change as they go, but I'm guessing you get less of a view as they go down. The trail is self is just over 4 and a half miles. So that's a pretty long trail.

Here, check it out for yourself.


How about that view! Just catching the view to their right is so pretty. It's awesome that they were able to grab a video of it to share the beauty and savor the experience.

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Truth be told, I don't know how to ski, so my main concern would be losing my balance and tumbling to the right. It feels a little too narrow for me to want to think about that. Though, the skier in front of the camera had no issues making it down the trail.

Let's hope they continue to share these trails, it's fun to follow them down as they go.

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