There's plenty of interest these days with a "Weird Al" Yankovic biopic now in the works featuring Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe as the musical parody king. Now comes word that there will also soon be a "Weird Al" Yankovic pinball machine made available to fans as well.

Multimorphic are behind the "Weird Al" pinball machine, which carries the title "Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity." The games features all sorts of call backs to Yankovic's career including several mentions of his movie UHF, an Alapalooza dinosaur skeleton and nods to his Dare to Be Stupid album and others.

Gamers will have the chance to try out the game's assorted ramps, loops and other assorted bumpers and obstacles. You'll also find a miniature replica of the video camera used in UHF that can unlock three pinballs in play at a given time. Plus, there's a spiral ramp around a hamster wheel ball lock that leads up to a mezzanine and food court.

And it wouldn't be a "Weird Al" pinball game without some of his music. The musician licenses 17 of his songs and provided voice callouts for the game itself. Tracks included within the game include: "White & Nerdy," "Amish Paradise," "My Bologna," "Like a Surgeon," "Word Crimes," "Fun Zone," "Dare To Be Stupid," "Hardware Store," "UHF," "Germs," "Traffic Jam," "Mission Statement," "I'll Sue Ya," "You Make Me," "Sports Song," "Weasel Stomping Day" and "Harvey the Wonder Hamster."

The game has been created by Multimorphic, who will begin taking orders for the "Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity" pinball game on Feb. 28 at 9AM CT. Head here for ordering information and get a closer look at the gaming trailer below.

"Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity" Pinball Game

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