'Weird Al' Yankovic stuns in stars and stripes as the uber-patriotic rocker Ted Nugent on a new episode of Reno 911!

The musician and actor known for his humorous songs and parodies of popular ditties embodies "The Nuge" on the comedy show that's seen a revival on Quibi. That's the recently launched streaming platform that delivers all of its programs in brief, 10-minute episodes known as "quick bites."

Yankovic's Nugent portrayal first came to light this spring when a clip of the bit appeared in a trailer for the fresh Reno 911! season. Now, a full minute of the episode is available — watch it toward the bottom of this post.

"After an 11-year hiatus, Reno 911 is back — season 7 is streaming on Quibi," Yankovic's official website recently relayed. "Al shows up in one of the episodes playing Motor City madman Ted Nugent."

In the episode, Yankovic's embodiment jabs at Nugent's well-documented love of firearms. Strolling backstage, the fictional Nuge inspects a super-powered T-shirt launcher before he requests that it's fitted with a silencer. When a stagehand tells him that would make it "illegal in California," both laugh.

Yankovic's Nugent then picks up an electric guitar, only to smash it to pieces. Following that, a gaggle of fans wielding "Nuge 2020" signs greet him before he performs. After some of the Reno 911! leads escort him onstage, the make-believe Nugent giddily fires an assault rifle into the audience.

Take a look at the clip below, and be sure to check out the new Reno 911! episodes now on Quibi.

'Weird Al' Yankovic Portrays Ted Nugent on Reno 911!

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