This is the type of research I love to do. Anything to do with dogs! First off, I have two great dogs, with, what I would say, are great dog names, Jolene(yes, Dolly) and Brewer(we like craft beer). People love to sing Jolene to Jolene, and I don't hate it. But, my love for my dogs and pretty much every dog I meet, lead me to wonder, what are the best dog names in Cheyenne? Facebook did not let me down.

I figured that since I had so many submissions and so many great answers, I should share what our listeners though. I'll keep it to a top 10, but it isn't an easy task. People in Cheyenne are great at naming their pets. Here are the top 10 in no particular order.

  • Godzilla The Cat
  • Bourbon The Dog(Ok, might be some Kentucky bias here)
  • Dufus The Great Dane
  • His brother, Sir Poops A Lot
  • Adobo The Dog
  • Xena The Warrior Dog Princess(I'm reaching, I know)
  • Mogwai The Dog(gotta love the Gremlin's throwback)
  • Loki The Dog(great pet name for all!)
  • Iggy Pop The Cat
  • Wrecker The Rescue Dog

There were so many great pet names, it was tough to pick just 10. If I had to pick a favorite, it would obviously be Sir Poops A Lot. I'm not saying it's the best, I'm just saying that it made me laugh and that's what matters to me.

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