Things will certainly look different the next time you walk into a venue.

This pandemic is such a buzzkill. We are in the middle of the most-hyped time of the year. We are supposed to be enjoying festivals, sporting events, crowded pool parties, and so much more. However, many of those things are being altered or are not occurring at all.

What a bummer summer.

Now, I'm not knocking the attempts at entertainment that we've already seen. I applaud people for getting creative during this time. And, quite honestly, these experiences will probably be ones that we will remember forever.

But if you could see a live show or a live sporting event right now, what would you be willing to give up? Obviously things aren't normal right now and at times it doesn't feel like they will go back to the way they were any time soon. So, if you want to see your normal favorite summer events at this very moment, what changes are you willing to go through to make that happen?

Would You Give These Up for a Live Event?

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