We live in a dog eat dog world!  But what do you do when someone who is supposed to be on your team, steals ideas from you at work?

This happened to me yesterday and has been happening to others in our office for sometime.  We have one or two people who regularly piggy-back on or outright borrow ideas to use as their own.  Not sure exactly why, maybe they're lazy?  Maybe they are so busy that it's just in an effort to save time?  Either way, I'm calling Bullsh&#!!

If it was just one time, I'd be inclined to let it slide.  But since this has happened on more than a few occasions to myself and several others in our office, I thought I'd ask you your opinion.

Tell us, what would you do if a co-worker was stealing ideas from you?  Take our poll and I'll post the results next week.

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